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5 Benefits Of Lifelong Learning For Pet Lovers & Pet Professionals


by Editor Robbi Hess

I am a life-long learner. Does everything that I continually learn relate 100% to my writing, content creation and my pet-centric business? Not always, but I find that no matter what I learn — even if I took a math course — can relate to my business in one way or another. Personal and professional growth is beneficial to any- and everyone.

As I was pondering my editorial calendar and speaking with clients in the pet space recently it got me to thinking of my continuing education whether I take an online course or attend a networking event.

5 Benefits Of Lifelong Learning For Pet Lovers & Pet Professionals5-benefits-of-life-long-learning

You learn something that saves you money. I could take a bookkeeping or online accounting course, and if I did this, I know that I could save money if I learned this task and didn’t have to hire an accounting person. As for the “major” money tasks, those go to my CPA, but daily bookkeeping could be done by me, if I knew what I was doing. If I wanted to amp up my graphic design skills as a way to amp up the graphics I put on my site, I could take that through an online school like Ashworth College.

You learn something that makes you money. Do you want to expand the offerings of your pet-centric business? Have you always wanted to jump into a dog-centric business? What if you want to be a tax preparer — great seasonal income! Do you yearn to transcribe medical records? What about becoming an educator and working with children in an early childhood education setting? These options and many, many more are available through Ashworth College online. If you have had a business and are looking to increase your income or add new client offerings, lifelong learning is one way to make yourself even more valuable to your clients and grow your business.

You want to learn something just for fun. Not everything you learn needs to lead to a degree. Do I want to be a chef? Not really. Do I want to learn how to be better in the kitchen and perhaps someday do more entertaining? Yes. If I retire from my current business, would I want to pursue a career in food? Maybe run my own small catering businesss? Perhaps.

You want to keep learning to stay viable. As a Baby Boomer who suffers what is termed, “Chemo brain” from my breast cancer, I want to remain active and viable and to me that means not only walking my dog, but continued learning. There are many subjects I may want to dip my toe into slightly. I may not want a full blown course on a topic, but I want to take one course — something to make me conversant in an area about which I am interested.

You want to learn as a way to meet new people. Even with an online course, you may have the opportunity to interact with your fellow classmates. There may be an online forum in which you gather. Who knows, in this small world of ours, you may be taking an online course with a next door neighbor whom you never knew had the same interests. Stranger things have happened!

What I enjoy about online learning is that I can take a course on my schedule and with five cats, three reptiles and two dogs, I need that flexibility. I also don’t always want to get up and get dressed and leave the house — especially in the midst of a Western New York snowstorm and online learning means I don’t have to!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ashworth College . The opinions and text are all mine.

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