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Ask the Dog Trainer: Neighbor Kids Pester Her Dog

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Buster BegsHere is one question with our answer.

Question from Rosanne: I have an almost 3 year old dog who gets very anxious when my neighbour or his children hang on our fence. She will jump up & down for ages until they get off the fence. I don’t know how to distract her when this happens because treats & even toys don’t seem to get her attention. She is so focused on them that nothing seems to distract her. Do you have any advice please? – Rosanne

Positively Woof: Whoa, Rosanne, that’s a lot of pressure on your dog to chill out when kids are hanging on your fence. The devil in me wants to join your dog and turn the garden hose on the kids. But a better solution is to acclimate the neighbor kids to your dod in a good way with positive acclimation and socialization. Bring the kids over and introduce them to your dog with treats. Little by little the neighbors will gain respect for your dog, and your dog will enjoy the kids positively. Are you up for trying this?

Rosanne: Yes, I have to agree with you. I can totally understand why my dog is getting so worked up. I even get annoyed at the idea of a child on the fence teasing my dogs. I have bought your book and am slowly working through it. I am already noticing a difference in certain areas. I will definitely try your suggestion at some point. Thanks for your advice.

Positively Woof: Wonderful, Rosanne. And if you resort to turning the hose on the kids, post a photo…just kidding…sort of

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“I smear peanut butter across the refrigerator door, then allow Flash to lick it off. While he is busy there, I apply his flea medication or check him for matted hair and clip it off. The peanut butter distraction makes things so much easier for both of us.” –Positively Woof fan Yoli Jolliff. (Thanks, Yoli!)

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