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Training the Best Dog Ever


“If this wonderful book were universally used, every dog would live up to its potential. Love, respect, and rewards work even better with dogs than they do with people….Buy this book. Use it. Be happy.” —Dean Koontz, author of A Big Little Life

“I love this book! I get every training book that’s out there. This is better than good, it’s the best one I’ve seen in a very long time.” —Steve Dale, Tribune Media Services

“An easy-to-follow program for both puppies and adult dogs. No wonder the First Family chose Dawn to train their dog!” —Dr. Ian Dunbar, Founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

“Senator Kennedy and I saw firsthand just how powerful Dawn’s methods are: Our dogs are spirited, yet reliable; loving and loved.” —Victoria Reggie Kennedy

“Safe and humane… A sturdy foundation for a happy, well-adjusted dog.” —Dr. E. Kathryn Meyer, VMD, Past President, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

“A comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to the power of positive reinforcement training.” —Claudia Kawczynska, Editor-in-chief, The Bark

“This is the perfect program for families seeking extensive, detailed, and positive training advice.” —Lt. Joel Walton, Certified Pet Dog Trainer and author of Positive Puppy Training Works

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LIFE’S A BARK: What Dogs Teach Us About Life and Love


As seen on National TV

“This delightful book blends photography and hilarious, heartwarming lessons by award-winning author, Larry Kay.” Hamptons Pet Magazine

“Loaded with helpful tips on taking cues from dogs to handle life’s daily circumstances … the book is fun, lighthearted and a feel-good read … a thoughtful, enjoyable gift for dog lovers.” Chic Luxuries

“A fresh, new book has tapped into dog wisdom, offering easily digestible tips from our best friends. Rollicking and heartwarming pictures…a great gift for dog lovers and a perfect book for those of us on the go, who want the info but don’t have lots of time. Life’s a Bark comes wrapped in a warm and fuzzy package (and it is warm and fuzzy), but it tackles tough topics, too. Life’s a Bark is also a family book.—Jody Miller-Young, Bark and Swagger

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