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Dog Rescue Stories: Brady Traveled 1500 Miles to Find His Forever Family

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

I’m Brady and I actually consider myself to be a lucky dog!

I was either born a street dog or abandoned as a small pup. Luckily I was spotted, curled up, on the side of a busy road and saved by A Better Life Dog Rescue in Romania. ABLDR rescues dogs (such as myself) that would suffer horrific deaths, small dogs and puppies have little chance of survival if taken to the public shelters, where dogs are kept in starving conditions.I was even luckier to be spotted whilst still a pup by my forever family who live in the UK. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Many dogs wait years for adoption! They fell for my intelligent but mischievous eyes. They call it character!  I traveled by van with a load of other rescues and it was terrifying. If only I understood where and why I was traveling 1500 miles! We left Romania on the 7th December 2016 and arrived in the England on the 9th.  One 48 hour stop with DEFRA to check my paperwork / vaccinations and I was again loaded onto a van.

I finally met my family five hours later and I must confess, I was both as stiff as a board and shaking at the same time. But these people were so nice! They had brought me some treats so they could make friends and cuddled me all the way home, which was another hour by car.

Oh, how I love my new life!  I have been here five months now. I have two extremely comfortable beds, lots of toys, enjoy gorgeous long country walks and I finally have a family of my own whom I adore. I am still learning everything about living in a house which was all new to me, but I learn very quickly when my family patiently show me what they need me to do. My confidence is growing and I am beginning to love everybody and everything. My only real sticking point is regarding traffic which still, understandably, terrifies me, but we are working on this.

Rescue dogs make awesome additions to the family and “Adopt, don’t shop” is definitely a sentiment I support wholeheartedly! ~ Brady

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