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Cat Rescue Stories: Just An Ordinary Cat Who Waited For A Forever Home

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Cat Rescue Stories: Just An Ordinary Cat Who Waited For A Forever Home

Gypsy is just an ordinary cat. She’s not a special-needs cat with an inspiring story about how she overcame her disability and now gets to run around in an adorable wheelchair. She’s not missing her front legs, so she doesn’t hop around like a kangaroo or a bunny. She doesn’t have a remarkable before-and-after rescue picture. She’s not a beautiful Maine Coon or blue-eyed Siamese or even a cute kitten that would catch an adopter’s eye.

She’s just a black cat. Maybe that’s why she’s been at the rescue for over a year. Or maybe it’s the fact that she’s FIV+.

(Read the rest of Gypsy’s story below the video)

Gypsy’s Story:

A couple of years ago Gypsy was abandoned and left to fend for herself outside a local motel. She searched for the family who abandoned her, hoping they might come back. They never did. For the next three years, Gypsy lived outside, foraging for food, giving birth to many litters of kittens, and never knowing the security or love that comes from being in a forever home.

All that changed when an extended stay guest called our rescue to get help for her.

Black cats truly have the BEST personalities, and Gypsy is no exception. She was so happy to be rescued and taken care of.  She loves attention and can’t seem to get enough. She plays like a kitten and rolls over when she sees you because she is so happy.

We believe that even though her appearance may be ordinary, her personality is anything but. We believe she is worthy of love, and worthy of a forever home. Please help Gypsy find the family she’s been waiting for all her life.

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