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Cat Rescue Stories: Kittie Finds Home With Beagle Family

cat rescue story

Cat Rescue Stories: Kittie Finds Home With Beagle Family

(Read Billie’s Story below the image)

cat rescue story

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Craig Rosenfeld share this story of Billie The Kittie and how he and his wife rescued her and gave her a forever home.

“When we found Billie, my wife and I had a houseful of beagles.” They had twelve beagles that they had adopted from various rescues cat rescue storythroughout the years.

“My wife was taking the dogs out at night, just after a horrible rain storm that had lasted all day. When she came back in, she told me she heard something screaming in the bushes across the street.” That’s when they sprang into action.

“We grabbed a flashlight and took a look.” What they found was a “little kitten in a row of bushes/small trees.” The kitten was crying so loudly, they couldn’t simply leave her. “I got the kitten to follow us across the street and into our garage,” Craig said. “Six plus months later she is a part of our family and is safe and healthy.”

You may not be able to change the lives of all abandoned, but you can certainly change the life of the one you rescue!

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