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Cat Rescue Story: Becoming A Cat Lover

cat rescue story

Nick sent us this story about the cat who changed his mind and heart! 

Nick wrote: To start off, I was never a cat person. That all changed the day I got Milo.

I was doing Lyft driving around Washington DC. I picked up this lady and the first thing she asked me as soon as she got in the car was if I liked cats. I was surprised because it was really random. I answered, “no but I know people who do.” She told me to wait while she goes back to her apartment complex. After waiting 10 minutes, she comes down with a little cute kitten in his cage, with all his toys and food.

She tells me, “keep it. It’s a female, she’s five-months-old and has all her shots.” Then she cancels her ride. I was surprised because it all happened so fast. One minute I’m working the next I have a kitten with me in the car. I start driving to my aunt’s house where my family was so I could show them, but they wanted no part of the kitten.

Cat Rescue Story: Becoming A Cat Lover

cat rescue storyMy dad said I wasn’t responsible enough and my mom never liked cats. She started saying, “no, take that animal back…” We kept her a few days until I found someone who wanted her. My friend Cameron is a really big cat fan so I asked her and she happily said yes. This all happened a few days before my wedding. During the days we had her my mom got a little attached to her. During my wedding, she kept asking Cameron how the kitten was.

At some point, Cameron said, “if you want the kitten back that’s fine with me no problem at all.” My mom rushed to my dad to convinced him to take her back. My dad eventually said yes and the next day, the beautiful little creature was back with us.

Plot twist: She had a lot of fleas, was only two-months-old, not five. When we took her to her first vet appointment, we found out SHE was a BOY. He got all his shots and is perfectly healthy now.

We decided to name him Milo. He’s obviously my mom’s favorite “child” now! Haha. He’s the most loving, playful, sweet, joyful cat you’ll ever meet.

He’s brought so much love and happiness to this family when we needed it the most. He changed my views on cats. They’re adorable. He’s now been with us a little over a year. I always think about if I just told the lady no we wouldn’t have gotten our precious little Milo.

Editorial note: WOW… what a wonderful story and what an amazing family to take in this kitten.

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