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Cat Rescue Story: Couple Devotes Life To Saving Cats

cat rescue story save 100 cats

Cat Rescue Story: Couple Devotes Life To Saving Cats

For the past five years, Fabio and his wife, Sabrina, have worked to address the “overgrown and growing” cat population in their area. “We have rescued the ill, fed the malnourished, adopted the homeless, sheltered the weak and neutered, loved and relocated as many toms as we could,” Fabio rescue story save 100 cats

Unfortunately, he shared, “We have also buried a lot of unlucky felines, often newborns, who didn’t make it through the winter.”

The couple has spent countless hours and a lot of their personal finances working to “contain a situation which nonetheless is now out of control.” Fabio and Sabrina live in a residential area by the sea where most of the homes are vacant during the summer. “The cat population multiplies season-after-season,” he said. “There is not enough food, the local authorities won’t help to fix the situation and with an ongoing economic crisis families won’t adopt kittens, most of all because of the cost to spay or neuter them.”

Making a difference

So far, they have neutered and spayed 37 cats at their expense. “Currently we are sheltering and taking direct care of 15 adult cats and 27 newborns, some with their mom, some orphans and we spend 25 Euros a day or 9000 Euros a year on food,” they said adding, “This is just the tip of the iceberg and the iceberg is growing bigger and bigger.”

They need help

The local authorities remain indifferent to the proliferation of the cats’ population in our area and we alone cannot cope with it. The local cat rescue storyanimal organization has not been helpful either. “We do get a discounted price for spay and neuter, but it is still 100 Euros to neuter a cat,” they said. “Plus we need food and further vet help to cure the numerous cases of respiratory tract infections and ringworm. This massive proliferation leads to the existence of colonies in each neighborhood garden and to the poisoning of a lot of cats, especially by vacationers who don’t want to deal with the problem.

Their cat rescue goal

“Our first goal is to neuter 100; 50 adults and 50 kittens. The neutering of the adults will immediately have a positive impact on next heat season, while the neutering of the kittens, on top of that, will also allow us to find a new home for them. This operation alone will cost close to 10,000 Euros,” they said. “This needs to be done now, before the kittens become independent and go into heat.”

“Our second goal is to give the neutered kittens out for adoption: we want to organize a couple of afternoons inviting families with kids and offering them some refreshments while they hopefully can fall in love with the little fur balls and offer them a new life filled with affection and care.”

Fabio and Sabrina say, “We know by experience if the cats are neutered they will find a new home.”

Read about their Operation 100 efforts here.

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