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Cat Rescue Story: Loving Roxie Becomes Foster Mom

cat rescue roxie

When you head off to your local shelter to adopt a new furry family member, why not stop by the cat cages as well as the kitten cages? There are so many beautiful mother cats and other adult cats who are yearning for a loving forever home.

cat rescue roxieShelter workers from the Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts (CARE) in Richmond, Virginia shared this story of beautiful Roxie.

Roxie was saved from a rural shelter in North Carolina, they said. “Not only did Roxie raise her own three kittens, she also took on three orphans and nursed them.” Roxie is described by shelter workers as being “a quiet, affectionate girl who loves being petted and brushed.”

Watch Roxie with her kittens and with the orphans she nursed.

Each of these cats can be adopted through Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts in Richmond, Virginia. Please share and help spread the word that mama cats need homes too!

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