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Cat Rescue Story: Mama Cat Saves Her Tiny Kitten

cat rescue story

Cat Rescue Story: Mama Cat Saves Her Tiny Kitten and can’t stop cuddling her! 

Kelsey submitted this cat rescue story to us and it warmed our hearts!

“I rescued Summer from a feral colony when she was eight-months-old and pregnant. At first she was very shy, but I worked with her every day, gaining her trust. Soon she learned that humans meant good things to eat and a gentle scratch under the chin.”

summer and splash cat rescue storyWhen it seemed like things were turning around for Summer, she went into labor, but it didn’t go well. Kelsey rushed her to the vet, who told me they would have to do an emergency C-section. As they prepared for surgery, she braced myself to lose all of the kittens. But, against all odds, three tiny miracles were born. “All of the vet techs and both vets were there, and all of us were moved by the experience – one of the vet techs was even in tears,” she wrote.

Splash was the smallest and weakest of the three kittens. “I worried she might not make it, so I gave her extra feedings from a syringe. Summer took extra special care of Splash and was very protective of her baby.” Summer had grown very attached to Kelsey but she let me know she didn’t want me to take Splash out to feed and weigh her; she wanted her baby to be close to her. Summer groomed her and cuddled her and always made sure she got enough to eat.

Thanks to Summer, Splash survived.

The kittens grew and Splash’s two siblings were adopted together. “Summer grew even more attached to little Splash and I often would see them snuggling together.” Six months later, Splash and Summer’s remarkable story is now missing just one thing: their forever home together.

Summer and Splash are currently being fostered in Richmond, Virginia and are looking for someone in-state to adopt them. They have been up for adoption for several months and are continually overlooked because they are shy at first and will need some time to adjust to their new home, once they do, they are loving, gentle cats.

To learn more, please visit their adoption profiles 

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