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Cat Rescue Story: Mimosa Saved From Kill Shelter

cat rescue story mimosa

cat rescue story mimosaMimosa, the Tortie, was rescued from a kill shelter in late January. She gave birth to five tiny kittens the very next day. The shelter workers at Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts (CARE) in Richmond, Virginia found homes for all of the kittens!

“Mimosa was a good mother to her kittens,” CARE representatives said. “By the time her kittens were weaned, though Mimosa’s immune system was so compromised that her hair started falling out.” After a few lime-dips, and given timei to recover, Mimosa is a “new cat,” they say.

Her babies all found loving forever homes and the shelter is hoping that Mimosa will find that for herself.

Enjoy this video that shows what a loving mother Mimosa was with her kittens.

Mimosa can be adopted through Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts in Richmond, Virginia. “Please share and help spread the word that mama cats need homes too!”

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