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Cat Rescue Story: Miss Kitty Neighborhood Cat

cat rescue story

Cat Rescue Story: Miss Kitty Neighborhood Cat

Cat rescue story“This is a dog house,” Janet wrote in her Cat Rescue Story. “My husband and I have had many dogs but no cats during our 28 years together.” Imagine their surprise when a small female cat started jumping their six foot wall and started “irritating” their dog. “We tried to scare her away,” Janet said of the small white cat with red markings. “She did look quite malnourished,” she added.

Janet and her husband realized the determined cat was more than likely homeless. “It was not unusual to see feral cats all over our neighborhood,” she said, adding that, “heartless folks kept dropping off unwanted cats in a park that borders this neighborhood.”

Kitty’s persistence pays off

This particular cat kept coming back and wanting to get in. “One day my husband asked our dog if Miss Kitty could come in.  To his absolute surprise the dog backed up and let the cat in our home!”

Miss Kitty has become a beloved family member. She has claimed various sleeping spots in both high and low spaces throughout our house. The most amazing thing she does is take a walk with me and my dog each morning.  Until she started coming with us, I only knew two of my neighbors.  We now speak with all of them, usually about this little cat who wanders the neighborhood at night and eats and sleeps at our house by day.

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