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Cat Rescue Story: Mystery Writer’s Foster Fails

cat rescue story

Cat Rescue Story: Mystery Writer’s Foster Fails

Kathleen Kaminski is far from a failure but when it comes to fostering kittens she fails often – to the benefits of the cats and cat rescue storykittens who share her home. Kathy, who blogs about cozy mysteries and is the president of the Murder On Ice, Western New York chapter of Sisters In Crime, shares her home with five cats and four rats.

“I work with Keller’s Kats Rescue of Rochester,” Kathy said.  “I had always thought of adopting more cats cat rescue story(before she met them).” She said she received a picture of Annabella and she was smitten. “I brought Annabella home, it didn’t go so great,” she said. “I put her in a playpen to keep her safe, she got out and I couldn’t catch her.” Kathy said they didn’t bond at first, but “my other cat fell in love with Annabella… and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Annabella and Mystic were both rescued from Verona Street shelter.

Fast forward two months. “There was a pitiful picture of a kitten. Her story was that kids had been throwing rocks at her before she was rescued. She was only five weeks old when she arrived at the shelter,” Kathy said. “I was sure it would be ‘safe’ for me to foster her because I wasn’t looking for a longish-haired cat.” The kitten had other ideas, though. “She was friendly and clung to my neck. The bonding was quick,” Kathy said.  When the female kitten was taken to be spayed it was discovered that “she was a he,” and the spaying turned to neutering. “I brought him home and let me tell you, the other cats did not like him at all,” she said.

Eventually, it all worked out and the cats, eleven-year-old Calmet; four year old, Licorice; two-year-old Mariusz; seven-month-old Annabella and four-month old Mystic are now best of friends. Mariusz and Licorice were adopted from Lollypop Farm. Caalmet was born in the barn where Kathy has her horse, Harley, an off-track thoroughbred.

Mystic, black kitten is pictured before being adopted, Annabella is pictured in the shelter. Both are pictured (on left) together. Annabella is pictured with her foster brother, Mariusz.



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