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Cat Rescue Story: Nellie’s Story

cat rescue story

After losing her ten-year-old yellow Lab to old age and severe arthritis in her hips and spine, Terri met Nellie. “Thanks to my dear friends, Alex and Denise, for showing up at my house with Nellie. I was instantly drawn to her.”

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It was meant to beCat rescue story

When finalizing the paperwork for Nellie’s adoption on January 5, 2015 — the same day she said good-bye to her beloved Lab, she noticed Nellie had a dark patch of fur on her shoulder that was in the shape of a heart. “I didn’t notice this until I was bringing her home, but it was another sign that she was the right cat for me.”

It didn’t take Nellie any time at all to make herself at home with Terri. “She came right out of her carrier and made herself at home.” There was no hiding or playing shy. Nellie jumped up on the couch, laid next to her new owner and held onto her hand. “Since then she has helped me find my smile again, she has given my many snuggles, and wiped my tears. Nellie follows me everywhere and sleeps with me all night.”

Nellie is a cat with a gentle soul and a great personality. I’m so excited for my future with Nellie ❤️ Thank you Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) for giving me my smile back and allowing me the opportunity to be a fur mom to this sweet cat.

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