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Cat Rescue Story: Poolside Kitten Rescue

cat rescue story

Cat Rescue Story: Poolside Kitten Rescue

We received this cat rescue story that we simply had to share: My sister and I decided one night we’d go swimming at our apartment complex’s pool. There were already several others there — among those was a kitten.

This ginger colored kitten was wandering around the pool area. We could tell she was starving — her ribs were clearly visible. “It was obviously an unwanted kitten someone in the complex couldn’t find an owner for so set it loose so he or she no longer had to deal with it. We figured the kitten might have been three-months-old.”

Cat Rescue Story: Poolside Kitten Rescue

cat rescue storyBecause none of the other people in the complex would help the kitten and were trying to shoo her away and ignore her I couldn’t. “When the kitty came over to me and my sister meowing away and begging for food we scooped her up in our arms, took her home and looked at our mother with big ‘Bambi’ eyes.”

At first our mom said we couldn’t keep her, but we knew we were going go! “We named the kitten Buttercup and she loves tuna!”

The girls wrote, too, that “This might not be the most tragic rescue story, but she could have starved or fallen into the pool and drowned because there is no ramp or any way for a little kitten to get out. She had a bad case of ear mites and a larger animal could have killed her.” They added, “We saved her life even if it wasn’t a dramatic rescue to save her from a hoarder’s house or bombarded into a house that burst into flame or rehabilitating her after loosing a limb to animal abuse. I still saved her life. We were not her forever home, but we made sure she got her forever home that she deserved. She is happy and alive.”

Editor’s Note: Not every story has to be dramatic rescue story. This is a story of taking the time and having the heart to save a kitten from potential harm, taking care of her and making certain she found a forever home. Buttercup is fortunate to have found you because you saved her life and that is what a rescue story is all about! Thank you!

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