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Cat Rescue Story: Simple Multiplication

Cat Rescue Story

Cat Rescue Story: Simple Multiplication (Read Minnie’s Story Below)Cat Rescue Story

Roscoe Fertick shared his #CatRescueStory with us recently. He told us that, “Minnie joined our little community of ferals, unexpectedly.” She brought a surprise along with her — they discovered she was pregnant! “We couldn’t let her drop her litter, without care, outside at the beginning of the cold, wet season, so we invited her in.”

When she had her litter of kittens, they became a family of eight! Roscoe shared, “Three months after the babies were born, with the help of United Paws of Tillamook, Oregon, all of the kittens found loving homes.”

What happened to Minnie? “She has permanantly adopted us!”

Editor’s Note: Thank you for helping Minnie, caring for her and her babies and for being her forever home!

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