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Cat Rescue Story: Steve’s Faith Overcomes His Fear

cat rescue story

Cat Rescue Story: Steve’s Faith Overcomes His Fearcat rescue story

When you hear what sounds like a newborn crying under a pine tree in your yard, what do you do? The choice was clear for Jan Morgan — she had to check it out. “I was a little afraid what I would find under there, but crawled under to check it all out.” She didn’t find a human baby but did find a life in need of rescue.

“I found a skinny, bedraggled orange cat. He had a rope tight around his neck, parts of it were embedded in his skin. He was covered in scratches, had fleas and his tail was recently cut off and scabbed over.” Even though he had been abused, Jan said, “He readily ran to me and bravely let me check him out.”

She gave him water, some food and set about cleaning his wounds. “He had a rough time of it at first with eye problems and abscesses, but with a good diet, a lot of patience and love, medications and excellent veterinarian care he has overcome all of that and is a beautiful, loving boy.”

Jan shared, “There was never a question of me deciding to rescue him and adopt him. He was the brave one-he trusted me to help him after all that had happened to him and patiently let me do what I needed to do to help him. His faith in me was bigger than his fear of what was being done.”

Steve has been a joy from the moment she held him. “He nuzzled next to me and kneaded my lap and purred.” Steve is only the second cat Jan has owned and she says they help each other to love and trust. “He’s my orange little ray of sunshine. He’s very inquisitive and an excellent judge of character. If Steve blesses you with his presence and lets you pet him, you’re among the worthy in his world.”

Does not having a tail hold Steve back? “Steve has no limitations at all cat rescue story stevefrom his lack of tail. In fact, his balance is excellent,” Jan said. “He is very muscular for a little guy, and very fast.”

Who else does Steve share his life with? “Steve lives with one ‘older brother,’ Ernie, who is 11, and he did live with a Shih Tzu ‘sister’ until she recently passed on.” Jan said they all get along well and on more than one occasion she caught Steve “spooning” with the dog on numerous occasions (although I’m sure he denies it!)

Jan shared this funny story about an interaction she had regarding Steve. “This story isn’t exactly ABOUT Steve himself, but one time I had to go to a compounding pharmacy to have special eye drops mixed up for him. When I dropped off the prescription I was asked for Steve’s date of birth and phone number. I told her I didn’t know his date of birth, to which she gave me an odd look and I asked her if she wanted my cell phone number. She told me, ‘No, I have to have Steve’s information only.’  The look on her face was priceless when I told her Steve was: 1. too young for a phone and 2. a cat. Apparently she didn’t read that the prescription was from a veterinary clinic!”

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Editor’s Note: We love that Jan opened her heart and her home to this beautiful, loving cat! (Photos courtesy Steve’s mom, Jan)

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