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Cat Rescue Story | Susy The Cardboard Box Kitty

cat rescue story susy

Cat Rescue Story | Susy The Cardboard Box Kitty 

Johana shared her story with us and said that, “Less than a year after my divorce, my manager asked in the team chat if someone would be willing to take home a kitty she found in a cardboard box next to her mailbox.” Her manager had five dogs and they weren’t happy to have a kitty in the house. Johana, who had never had a cat before, but who had been thinking of getting one didn’t hesitate. “I hit reply and brought the kitty home.”

The day the cat came home, “She was as afraid of everything around her as I was to have her,” Johana said. “We have a lab, a very spoiled lab…and it was only me taking care of two kids a dog and now this new hairy baby!” The cat was full of fleas, it took them a few days to get her completely free of them and to take her to her first vet appointment. (Read the rest of her story below)cat rescue story susy

Cat Rescue Story | Susy The Cardboard Box Kitty

“My daughter named her Susy, so you can only imagine how hard some days are for me trying to communicate with my kids including the hairy ones, my daughter’s name is Sophia, our dog is Sally and now  we have Susy. With the recent addition, a stray dog who was wandering the neighborhood for a couple of weeks with no collar or chip came to live with us — her name is Sweetie! When I’m trying to call one of them I ended up calling them all…it’s the game of the ‘Ss.'”

Johana believes Susy rescued her because she was, “A new beginning: Everything was new, new job since I was a stay home mom for ten years, new status of single parent, new expectations and experiences.” Susy helped keep her mind busy so rather than thinking of the divorce papers and whether she could manage on her own, she showed Johana that there were, “better and sweeter things to care about and put her mind to.”

Susy splits her nights keeping her daughter company and by the end the night is on Johana’s bed. Their days start with cuddles back at her daughter’s bed to wake her up for school.

Susy the cardboard box kitty was once cold and alone until someone had the heart to take her in and find for her a family. Four years later she has a dad, (I rescued him from an online dating service, Johana said) She misses her older brother, who is now serving our country but every time he comes to visit she waltz in between his legs purring her best melodies. While I’m working (I’m fortunate to be able to work from home) she comes in the morning to start her little purring engine on my lap until she is ready to find new adventures around the house.

I’m fortunate to have her as part of my family!

Editor’s Note: This story so warms our hearts! Thank you for sharing!

If you have a Cat Rescue Story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it and share it with our readers!

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