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Cat Rescue Story: Who Saved Whom?

cat rescue story isis

Cat Rescue Story: Who Saved Whom? 

When Isis was three-months-old, Elizabeth Tunstall said she met her for the first time at her niece’s home. “She had just been returned from her fourth new ‘forever’ home.” Elizabeth shared that Isis homed in on her the moment she sat down and wouldn’t leave her alone. “Apparently the reason the other four families returned her was that she was too ‘needy’ and was constantly seeking attention.” (Read her story below)cat rescue story isis

Elizabeth had recently lost her thirteen-year-old black female cat, named Stardust, to contaminated canned food. “I wasn’t looking for a replacement,” she said. Isis, however, had other ideas. “She was rather insistent that she belonged with me. I didn’t take her with me that day, but, I thought about her a lot over the weekend and finally decided to bring her home with me.”

She has never regretted her decision. “Isis wasn’t so much needy, as she was a very active, loving and demanding cat. She also was rather territorial and I was her ‘territory.'”  Elizabeth said that Isis didn’t care for it when she paid attention to other things or people — her computer being one of those “things.” If she wasn’t napping or other wise entertained, she would be begging for attention from Elizabeth. “We worked around her issues and I made her a space next to the monitor so she could be near when she wanted to be. I also had to move the toilet paper into a drawer next to the toilet. There was no way to keep it that she wouldn’t empty the roll and spread it throughout the house.”

Fast forward a few months

“I was on anti-depressants and my doctor was trying to find one I could benefit from. One of them was a bad choice and I almost overdosed on the initial dosage. I crawled to my bed and apparently went to sleep, potentially to not wake up again. I know this because Isis woke me. She lay on my chest and meowed and yowled and licked my chin until she had licked through three layers of skin and finally woke me from the pain.”

Editor’s Note: It seems that Isis was a literal lifesaver! Cats are incredible!

About Isis

She is a Tortie, (tortoise shell calico). Elizabeth said, “They are known for their ‘cattitudes’ and intelligence and Isis is the epitomy of Tortieness. She is demanding, has a Siamese yowl and has a loving and fierce loyalty mixed with her charming sense of humor.”

Elizabeth saved Isis from bouncing from home-to-home, or even becoming homeless. “She has been a constant companion for ten years and has saved my life and my sanity. We saved each other and I’m forever grateful she came into my life.”


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