Pet Calendar: Celebration Of Life Week

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder  As pet parents we celebrate our pets each and every day. With 2018 being so freshly welcomed in and with the first week of January being the Celebration of Life Week, we wanted to share idea on how you

Pet Calendar: January Is National Train Your Dog Month

Do your dogs have New Year’s Resolutions? They just might! They (and you!) may resolve to train them during the month of January and beyond. Why? A well-trained dog is a happy dog. Watch this video and see just how much fun working with your dog to learn new tricks — no matter how old

Pet Calendar: National Oatmeal Month

Pet Calendar: National Oatmeal Month What does National Oatmeal Month have to do with a pet-centric website? In this post over at The Lazy Pitbull, Christina Conley Berry wrote a post that shows how pet parents can make their own oatmeal shampoo for their dogs. We believe it’s best if you know the ingredients your

Pet Calendar: Walk Your Dog Month

Pet Calendar: Walk Your Dog Month As I write this I am in Western New York where the temperature is hovering at 8 degrees F with a windchill of minus zero. Walking my dogs is not really something I am looking forward to… nor will it be an event they will be participating in as