Review #16

LOADED WITH HELPFUL TIPS on taking cues from dogs to handle life’s daily circumstances…the book is fun, lighthearted and a feel-good read…a thoughtful, enjoyable gift for dog lovers. -Chic Luxuries >Click here to read full review

Review #15

“AN EXCELLENT BOOK…really beautiful pictures. A light easy read that leaves you thinking and learning how to deal with life and love.” -JoAnn Stancer, LIFE’S A BARK giveaway winner. >Click here to read full review

Review #14

“OVERFLOWING with more than 120 delightful photos, 60 entertaining and heartwarming lessons, and practical tips on life and love, Life’s a Bark is sure to life your spirits and help you look at life with fresh eyes.” -Animal Wellness Magazine >Click here to read full review

Review #13

“60 HILARIOUS and heartwarming tales and tips and tons of great photos…laugh out loud funny book.” -Celia Sue Hecht, Have Dog Will Travel Blog >Click here to read full review