Pet Rescue Story: Henry From England

We received this heartwarming story from Derek Brooks about his dog, Henry. Henry crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2017. Derek wrote: I put my name on a rescue site for English Springer Spaniels. After roughly a year I received a phone call asking me if I still wanted a dog. Pet Rescue Story: Henry

Dog Rescue Story: Found In A Dog Park

Dog Rescue Story: Found In A Dog Park Editor’s Note: This story was heartbreaking — that someone could abandon their dog — but we are so thrilled it had a happy ending. We’re happy that De H. shared this story with us. We were fostering a German Shepard female who was not getting along with

Misconceptions About Fostering Dogs & Cats

Editor’s Note: In connection with the Petco Foundation and its declaration of June as “National Foster A Pet Month” they have put together this list of the Top Misconceptions About Fostering Pets In Need. You don’t need any special skills to foster a dog or cat. You need space in your home and love in

Foster A Dog Or Cat: Save A Life

The Petco Foundation, the not for profit arm of Petco pet stores has focused many of its efforts on saving the lives of dogs and cats. According to Caroline Golon, spokeswoman for the Petco Foundation. “The Petco Foundation has invested more than $250 million since it started to support rescues and shelters across the nation.