Dog Rescue Stories: Bilbo is a True Superhero!

“Bilbo’s mom is glad that she had an attitude of, ‘adopt-don’t-shop’ because if she hadn’t, their family really would have missed an opportunity to bring an extraordinarily unique superhero into their lives.”

Ivy Inspired Her Family to Stretch, Strengthen, and Stand Up for Pits

“Most of all, Ivy loves nothing more than to be trusted. Any time someone doesn’t cross the street when they see her, doesn’t discriminate against her, she exudes so much gratitude. “

Dog Rescue Stories: The Voice of Stray Dogs (VOSD) Will Never Deny A Dog A Safe Place in Their Sanctuary

VOSD welcomes dogs that no one else will accept and then cares for the the dog for the rest of his or her life.

Dog Rescue Stories: Stanley James Will Never Be Alone Again

“If I had my photo in a high school yearbook, the caption underneath it would read ‘Class Clown’!”