Positively Woof Donates $$$ for Shelter Dogs

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Johnny Depp & Pet Orphans

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and the Hollywood Vampires performed a benefit concert for Pet Orphans, featuring a dog adoption film by Positively Woof

Positively Woof donated more than $25,000 cash, products and services to pet shelter projects in the past year, including these projects at Pet Orphans of Southern California:

  • Pet Dental Equipment
  • Dog Agility Course
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Featured 50 shelter dogs in P-Woof web films
  • 10,000 Bowls of Halo Purely for Pets Food

Why do we do this? Positively Woof believes that a big reason shelter dogs don’t get adopted is lack of training. That’s why we’re on the front lines to help train, socialize, and get dogs ready to be adopted. Our web films and cause marketing campaigns help with shelter dogs’ transformation from  lonely to loved. Because the truth is that shelter dogs (and cats) make awesome pets. P-Woof’s Leader of the Pack is award-winning dog filmmaker and best-selling dog training author, Larry Kay.

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