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Dog Rescue Stories: Cooper’s Parents Adopted Him While on Vacation

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Cooper’s story begins in March of 2016, in Baja California, Mexico. A friend of Katie’s mother-in-law was the one to come across six pups on a dirt road in the middle of night. They were abandoned in the desert, malnourished and scared. Three of the six pups ran off while the other three and the mom were saved.Katie and Evan were on vacation visiting Evan’s parents. During the end of their stay, Katie started talking to her mother-in-law, saying how much she wanted a dog in her life, as she always had one growing up. What felt like minutes later, Katie, Evan, and Evan’s mom were down the road visiting the recently rescued pups.
Almost right away, Katie fell in love with Cooper. His tuft of hair behind his ears, his curious but timid behavior – they bonded immediately! Evan, on the other hand, was reluctant to bring a dog back from vacation. Of course, Katie won and Evan and Cooper fell in love shortly thereafter.They were due to leave in two days and were scrambling around to get Cooper to the vet, get his plane ticket to Canada, and find a dog carrier. They made it happen! Katie laughs at how sudden this HUGE part of their life was sprung on them, but nonetheless, Cooper is her favorite “souvenir” she’s ever brought back!!Katie and Evan do not regret their decision at all. Every single day is brighter with Cooper in it. He’s become their best friend, their alarm clock, and most importantly, a part of their family.

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