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Dog Rescue Stories: 14 year old Ally is a Cancer Survivor!

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

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Ally was rescued out of an abandoned shopping cart in a park at just 5 weeks old. A close friend of Ally’s furever mom, Christina, brought her to Christina’s house as a Valentine’s Day present, and Ally was one of the best presents she could have ever asked for.

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Christina was resting that day when she received a text message from her friend that read, “Wake up and look on the couch!” Christina’s couches were a reddish brown color and it took a moment for her eyes to focus before she saw Ally. Ally was panting, and her cute, pink tongue was hanging out of her mouth. Christina picked her up, Ally set her paw on her new mom’s hand, and they both fell in love.

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Christina could tell that something was not right with Ally.  Christina took her to the vet and found out that she had worms, was dehydrated, and had parvo. Thankfully, everything was caught early on.  The vet also determined that Ally was a Golden Retriever, and at just 5 weeks old, she was far too young to be away from her furmom.Ally 4

Christina did everything she could to save Ally’s life and make sure she would recover.   For months, Christina layed Ally on her pillow so she could hear her breathe.  Christina was so worried and was up all night, every night with her new furbaby.

A few months went by and Ally recovered! She was the fluffiest, most delightful puppy!  Christina  often wondered who could have abandoned such a beautiful dog.  When Ally first came in to Christina’s life, Christina was suffering from a bad injury, and was severely depressed.  Ally took away her depression and Christina took away Ally’s pain. Together, they haven’t been lonely since. Christina thought she was saving Ally, when all along,  Ally was the one saving Christina.Ally 1

In May, 2016, Christina found out that Ally had a mammary tumor. “It was cancerous.” Those dreaded words no pet owner wants to hear. With the help of some friends, Christina started a T-shirt fundraiser to help with Ally’s medical bills. The slogan on the shirt read, “Not today and not without a fight!”

Christina is doing everything she can to get Ally healthy again, and knows that even though treatment is quite costly, Ally deserves every chance she can get. Ally has also been fighting arthritis for the last few years, but despite everything, she is still so full of life! Christina knows that Ally is not done fighting, and will do anything she can to make her furbaby happy.Ally 3

Adopting and rescuing isn’t about just having having a pet — it’s about saving the life of a pet. And Christina would happily do it all over again.  Just like Ally, Christina will never stop fighting, especially against animal abuse and injustice because we HAVE to be their voice. Christina will never stop believing in Ally, because she knows Ally believes in her.

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