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Dog Rescue Stories: 16 year old Ralphie Loves Every Human and Animal He Meets!

Ralphie Featured

Pupdate: Sadly, Ralphie recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge after battling cancer.  He was strong, brave and loving through it all.  He will always be loved.  

Ralphie found his forever family in October of 2000. His mom and dad adopted him from Animal Rescue Force in New Jersey when he was only 4 months old.  He was a gorgeous puppy who had been returned to the shelter after being adopted three times.  He was full of life, love and craziness, and he pretty much ripped through his family’s life like a little hurricane!
Ralphie pool

Ralphie’s family had another dog at that time, one year old Skipper, who had been adopted a year earlier from the same rescue. She was a stately dog.  The two of them were their family’s version of The Lady and the Tramp.  Skipper calmed Ralphie and put him in his place, and he learned a lot from her.  Ralphie’s mom thinks he taught her a lot, too.  More than anything, Ralphie’s mom thinks he was the puppy Skipper could never have.  Skipper took care of him and loved him!

Ralphie and Skipper

Ralphie 2

Ralphie filled his forever home with life.  He was always up to something!  Both dogs played tug of war with each other.  Ralphie was sturdier and stronger than Skipper, and he would drag her and the toy around the house.  She would not let go, because letting go meant letting him win.  When she was tired of playing, she would let out a low growl and Ralphie would let go of the toy.  She made sure he knew who the boss was!

Ralphie with his Good Humans and Skipper

Ralphie family

Ralphie is not very brave and even though he is over 50 pounds, in a thunder storm or on the 4th of July, he thinks of himself as a lap dog.  One second he would be on the floor and the next minute he would be on his mom or dad’s lap.  Ralphie also lives for food.  He will try anything at least once!  The only trick he ever learned to do was to beg.  He also never takes no for an answer and is an eternal optimist!  Every time someone new comes home, he will somehow lead them to his treat jar and if they ever give him one of his treats, he will stick to their side, constantly nudging and sometimes even barking to get another one.  He rewards them with lots of love and is their friend for life.

Ralphie and His Furever Mom

Ralphie mom

Ralphie is a friendly dog and he has never come across someone or something he does not like. He teaches his mom every day how to love, and to love more. To give that little extra, because that’s what Ralphie does. He turned 16 this June and his mom has loved being his pawrent every single day. He was diagnosed with Splenic Hemangiosarcoma a month ago and because of his age, there are not many medical options available. Raphie’s pawrents have to work to find a cure, as watching someone you love having to deal with cancer is horrible. His vet had given Ralphie two weeks, but they are going on a month now and are celebrating Bonus Days with him.

Ralphie Wearing his ‘Always Loved’ Bandana

Ralphie bandana

Ralphie is and will always be his furever mom’s baby.  He is her dog and is constantly by her side.  He does think he owns her and is always demanding her attention.  She loves him and she knows his time here is running low.  She has always written small stories about him and she is currently working on turning one of them into a children’s book, so she can keep him here forever and share him with the world.

Ralphie’s family has also started and created a brand called AlwaysLoved © to remind Ralphie, his family, and the world that to someone out there, human or animal, we are all, Always Loved!Ralphie 3

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Ralphie’s  family runs and operates a brand new Instagram Features page called @alwaysloved_ig.  He is also one of the founding members of the #lovequiltforpeace along with @wulstan_dog, @pioneerinjoy, and @1yorkie2yorkiepoosHe is a founding member of @thelovingheartsgang and a proud card-carrying member of @handsomebuggersclub.

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Thought my sister Skipper needed a spot on the quilt! She is the reason I’m the responsible dog I am today! Patience, love, understanding and an iron fist ????????❤️ I’m Ralphie and this is my angel sister Skipper and I live in the USA and here is our square for the #lovequiltforpeace Plus I thought @clee_the_vee would like to see the broodingly handsome pup I was in my youth!! #loveislove #loveisallyouneed #comfortingtheworldonesquareatatime #siblings #bigsis #angeldog #misshersomuch #dogsofinstagram #muttsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #seniordogs #seniorpetsofig #caninecancer #findacure #teamzach #pups4tatum #throwbackthursday #bonusdays #onemoreday #skipper #ralphie #alwaysloved Follow my pawtners @celozano13 @wulstan_dog @1yorkie2yorkiepoos @pioneerinjoy @jillette89 ❤️ @thelovingheartsgang

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A couple of weeks ago news from the Vet pulled the rug out from under our feet. She told mom that I had cancer and if I kept on not eating my body would be too week to fight. She gave me two weeks. I may have been too week to fight but she underestimated my pawrents. They’ve been fighting hard on my behalf. I’ve now crossed the two week mark. Mom says now everyday is a bonus. It’s a fact that love can move mountains. Right now there is an abundance of love for me floating out there in the universe. Mom also believes prayers work miracles and those too are flowing constantly from lips and hearts. Hugs are comforting and I’ve received so many real and virtual in the past weeks. I am loved and I am blessed. I may be a sick puppy, but I won’t let cancer get the best of me. I will continue to love, continue to fight for what I believe in, I will continue to live the only way I know how and hopefully continue to inspire you to do the same. Thank you. I love you and let the bonus days begin ❤️ Pawtners and furiends tagged ????❤️

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Waiting for mommy to give me a treat. #hopeful #alwaysloved

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