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Dog Rescue Stories: A Video Saved Spokes’ Life!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Spokes Featured

My name is Spokes! I am a chihuahua that was born with only three legs. My only front leg is different looking, too. Mom says it makes me special. I am about a year old and I don’t really remember much before I came to live with my Mom in Ohio. Apparently, I was dumped at the Downey Shelter in Los Angeles. It is a high kill shelter and a very, very scary place.

Mom just happened to see a video of me on Instagram. I was shaking and trembling in my cage. I wasn’t eating and was losing weight fast. Mom knew at that moment that she had to do whatever she could to save me. She contacted her Instagram friend who lives in Los Angeles and then called the shelter. Mom also worked with the Green Dog Foundation to try to get me pulled from the shelter. It wasn’t easy because there were so many rules and I had to stay an extra night!

Mom’s friend pulled me from the shelter the next day and I stayed with her in LA while I recovered from getting spayed. I was still very scared and frightened of being abandoned again, and I cried if someone wasn’t in the room with me. The next step of my journey was when the nice people from Green Dog Foundation picked me up and took me to the airport! I flew all the way from California to Ohio and Mom was waiting for me when I got off the plane. Boy, was I happy to see her!! She drove through an ice storm that night to get to the airport to pick me up!

When I got home, I had the best dinner, tons of toys to play with, a big sister to meet, AND I even got to sleep in a BIG warm bed with my Mom!! That’s how my life is now…..great!!! Mom takes me everywhere with her, as I still don’t like being alone very much.

Mom thinks that it is pretty amazing that I have only three legs but when I run, I only use TWO! I’m so happy I’ve found my forever home, I’m always smiling, and I am FULL of energy!  Sometimes, I think about the dogs I met at the shelter and I hope they have found their forever homes, too. They all deserve to have good homes. I hope all the humans that read this decide to adopt a sweet dog like me and save an innocent life!

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