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Dog Rescue Stories: After Living Outside For Years, Winnie Found the Forever Home She Deserved

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Winnie was originally pulled from a home (neglect and abuse) by a rescue. That rescue, because of Winnie’s bad condition and severe heartworms, thought it would be best for Winnie if they euthanized her. They thought she would not survive the expensive heartworm treatments and did not want her to suffer any more. Winnie was starved, scared of everything, and her teeth were down to nubs because she chewed on the chain she was attached to when she lived outside for years. Unleashed Pet Rescue found a foster home for Winnie, and pulled her from the rescue that wanted to euthanize her. They decided to treat her heartworms, as they have had good success with tough cases in the past. Winnie went through two full treatments to get rid of the heartworms, and it worked!

winnie-2Winnie’s foster mom then made it known Winnie was up for adoption. Laura, Winnie’s forever mom, has another dog that was mauled by a dog three years ago, and is very dog selective because of that. However, Laura thought that since Winnie was so timid and submissive, it could work. They did an intro, and it did! Winnie had many trust issues (for obvious reasons), but she made leaps and bounds in progress over the first few months in her forever home. She began seeking out cuddles and even showed interest in toys, though she did not understand how to play with them. She was such a sweet soul.winnie-3Then, Winnie began to have some days were she seemed very slow, confused and lost. She began getting “stuck” in corners, pressing her head up against walls and furniture and completely relapsed on potty training. She was diagnosed with CCD (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction), a type of “Alzheimer’s for dogs”. She had good days where her forever mom could take her to the dog park to run around, and then bad days where she couldn’t remember how to eat or what food was even for. She also had elevated kidney levels and Laura was told that she was in chronic kidney failure.winnie-4After a few more months of good days and bad, Winnie began to have more bad days, and then the good days didn’t really come back. She became scared and had a fall where it seemed like she was injured, so Laura took her to the vet. Nothing was broken, but she was now in acute kidney failure and her vet said she was most likely in a lot of pain. So, after giving her some bologna (her favorite), and letting her listen to some soft guitar (as she always seemed to enjoy when she heard the guitar), the vet helped her cross the rainbow bridge. It was a heartbreaking day. Laura was sad for her, glad she had some good times with her forever family, but angry that the time in her life where she knew love was so short.winnie-1Winnie is now running free, chasing squirrels, cuddling kittens and eating all the treats she can. Her forever family will always miss her.

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