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Dog Rescue Stories: An Interview with 3 Year Old Enso

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Forever Humans: Hello, this loving pup is Enso.

Enso: Hey family, this is Ensothepoo if you want the unfiltered version say no more!

Forever Humans: We were fortunate to adopt Enso from A Home 4 Ever Rescue in Costa Mesa. My fiancé and I had just moved in together and had been planning to adopt a dog. We saw Enso online and went to an event looking for Enso but he was at the Puppy Playhouse receiving training. There we got to meet him and decided that he was the dog for we were looking for.

Enso: Correct, they were fortunate to have me, I mean come on and I look like a teddy bear! I lay down most of the time with the dogs out at Puppy Playhouse. So, it’s easy for potentials to mistake me for one of the bigger soft plush toys.

Forever Humans: Our first impression, I will admit we were a bit nervous. Looking for a dog is easy but deciding in the moment if this is the dog for you, can be nerve racking. We had liked his online bio but this was a 3-year-old dog that we did not know. What if he was aggressive, shy, not indoor trained. But, that all went away once we saw this fluffy little boy run towards us and latch on to my Fiancé’s leg.

Enso: Yeah, I remember that day; I did my normal hello routine, hug and kisses at first glance. I am a lover.

Forever Humans: Enso jumps very high, about up to 6ft, which I found out in person when he jumped up at 5’11” me and licked my cheek.

Enso: I asserted myself as pack leader right away. Didn’t want to take any chances.

Forever Humans: Enso was found in a high kill shelter from the loving people at A Home 4 Ever Rescue. There was not much information on Enso’s background but they said he might have been a street dog for a while, which is why he was receiving training with Mark at the Puppy Playhouse in Costa Mesa, prior to him being available for adoption. We are grateful for the work that Mark and his team have done with him and with helping us to assure that we were prepared for our journey as doggy parents.

Enso: Training was the best, Mark is awesome, being with his dogs are the best. I just like to play, I see a dog and I want to play. I can’t help… it dogs are awesome.

Forever Humans: Enso has been a blessing since the day he entered in our home. It turns out that Enso is house trained. He is respectable to our guests, nieces, and nephews all adore and love him very much. He is very affectionate; he is definitely a people pleaser. He will do anything for affection!

Enso: I have so much fun with my new humans. They give me so much treats and belly rubs. I am living the dream. We have our daily shenanigans which we post on our Instagram. Look forward to hugging and kissing you all soon 🙂

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