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Dog Rescue Stories: Big Sil’s Children’s Book Series Spreads Positive Pit Bull Awareness

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story EditorTen year old Big Sil, A.J. Bennett’s amazing, rescued Pit Bull, changed his life and inspired him to publish a children’s book series based on Big Sil’s adventurous spirit. The Adventures of Big Sil children’s books help teach kids about American cities, while also raising awareness for Pit Bull dog rescue. One of Big Sil’s goals is to resurrect positivity toward Pit Bulls. Featuring a lovable Pit Bull character prominently in a children’s book which is read at an early age can actively start to instill change. A.J. wants to live to see the day when we return the Pit Bull to the days of long ago, when they were considered “America’s Dog,” the original pioneer dog that helped build America, and were featured in popular society everywhere from The Little Rascals to Buster Brown Shoes.How did Big Sil inspire A.J.? Well, a great friend once told him that there is no purpose to life — it’s what you do with your life that gives it purpose. One day, as A.J. pondered life and purpose, he thought about his passions; the love of life, freedom and America. Then, he thought of the one person hat reminds him of these things most of all, his biggest love of all, his American Pit Bull Terrier rescue dog, Big Sil. Yes, he is a person…in a dog’s body.Big Sil thoroughly enjoys every minute of life. He is so happy and truly lives in the moment. He understands and appreciates, more than anyone, the value of a happy greeting, a mid-day nap, and the importance of daily affection and cuddling. Most of all, he loves discovering and adventuring to new places.A.J. was inspired by Big Sil to create stories with a purpose, to help kids embrace today, imagine and discover adventures, and enjoy life right here, right now. The Adventures of Big Sil children’s books are all about inventing an adventure, and through that adventure, discovering geography with fun facts about American cities. The stories are about exploring the simple, fun and wonderful things right around us in life, across America.Big Sil inspired A.J. with his adventurous spirit, friendship and unconditional love. Big Sil was rescued from Paws Animal Shelter in Montclair, NJ and little is known about why he was abandoned. He was nine months old when he found his forever home. A.J. loves all dogs, but he has never met a more loving, cuddly and smart being as Big Sil. Big Sil has taught A.J. so much, for which he is thankful.There are days many of us have where we question life’s purpose and have to deal with stress, hardship, and well…life. A.J. has had a lot of them, but when he comes home, Big Sil greets him in a way that makes it all go away. A.J. is reminded to be thankful for the moment and to greet others that he loves with equal enthusiasm. Big Sil came from a bad situation and he overcame adversity…and he is happy. When A.J. is sad, Big Sul puts his head on his dad’s lap, gives him his paw, and A.J. holds it. The world gets better and they seek out new adventures. Having Big Sil in his life has been the most rewarding experience ever and has led A.J. to rediscover his own creative talents, become an author, and help give back to help support other wonderful dogs like Big Sil.

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