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Dog Rescue Stories: Bobby Only Had 30 Minutes Left to Live

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor 
Hi! I’m Bobby and I’m 3 years old! I was dumped at a very high kill shelter in Brooklyn New York with my six month old kitten sister.  The shelter is called ACC or “animal care center”.  My kitten sister, Maya, was adopted very quickly while I sat in a cage for about a week until I got very, very sick.  I contracted kennel cough from all the other sick doggies. They put me on very old medicine that didn’t work at all and I soon found myself on the urgent list. I wasn’t even there for a full two weeks before I only had 18 hours left to live.
My mom opened up Facebook and the first thing she saw was me on the Must Love Dogs – Saving Dogs NYC page. She knew that I was going to be her son. But, since she was newly married (dad didn’t want to get a dog for another couple of years) and they didn’t move into the house yet, there was no way to take me in. So, she waited and hoped that someone would rescue me.
In the meantime, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma painted the house. By 11:30am, mom checked again to see if someone rescued me. No one did and 12pm was the cut off and I would be euthanized within the hour. So, I had only 30 minutes left to live. Mom called, paid for my freedom, hoped that she wouldn’t get divorced and tried to figure out where to put me until the house was done. Dad was pissed. The next day Mom & Grandpa picked me up and we went to the vet. I had pneumonia at that point and I stayed with my grandparents for a couple of days, until I finally moved into my home. Oh…and my dad loves me!
I have two senior, rescue sister kitties that I don’t bother cause I’m a little scared of them; Buffy the sick, 17 year old, declawed kitty who chases me around the house, and Angel, the 10 year old kitty lets me sort of sniff her butt, so that’s nice.
I have a doggy door and went to school and even had a teacher come to me cause I get too happy and jump and I’m sort of obsessed with my sister, Angel. My grandpa walks me all the time to the park and my parents take me on long 5 mile hikes in the mountains. I’m finally living my best life!!!
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