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Dog Rescue Stories: Boyd Finally Found His “Ohana”

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Sarah always wanted a big dog and she would usually proclaim wanting a specific breed.  She never knew what she ACTUALLY needed was an adopted pit bull, with a big block head and magnificent, drooling jowls.img_0976

Sarah saw Boyd’s profile on The Humane Society of Indianapolis website and instantly fell in love. She admits feeling wary as she read his bio, because it said he was a pit bull. Sarah knew in her heart of hearts that feeling was wrong, as there are no bad dogs in this world, only bad owners.img_0975

When Sarah got to the shelter to meet Boyd, it was like most other shelters. Every cage full, every dog barking and uneasy, hoping that this time, they will be chosen to go home with their forever family. Then there he was. Quiet, skinny, and trembling. Sarah and Boyd made eye contact as she knelt down, and she told him she loved him. The rest is history!img_0977
Not much is known about Boyd’s background. Just that he was let down and surrendered by his previous human because he and his sister were,”getting too big.” Their loss! What Sarah does know is that now, he is safe and loved beyond measure.img_0973
Boyd is Sarah’s best friend, and they do everything together. Sarah’s favorite moments are those like right now. When they can be side by side, tell their story, and advocate for rescue, adoption, and positive pibble awareness. Every dog deserves to find their “Ohana“. No dog deserves to be discriminated against based solely on looks. As a team, Sarah and Boyd do what they can to change any negativity associated with pit bulls — you know, the ones with big heads and even BIGGER hearts.
Boyd has changed the course of Sarah’s life and guided her to find her purpose. So, who rescued whom?
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#teefs ???? #tbt

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Boyd, his foster kitty, and his friend Layla! ????????????❤️❤️❤️ #bestfriends #heaven

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Happy National Dog Day!! ❤️???????? Ohana. #nationaldogday #nationaldogdayindy #ohana @m_p_miller

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❤️BOYD❤️ A face like this is the reason to #adoptdontshop! Save a life, it’s SO worth it. ???? #lifeasadog #bestfriend

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Boyd and his toy toy. HE IS OBSESSED. He carries it everywhere. ???? ???? His dad, @m_p_miller picked it out!

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