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Dog Rescue Stories: Brian the ChiWeenie – An Epic Foster Fail!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Brian’s fur mom Soosie (pregnant, abandoned and scared), was rescued by the wonderful people at Animal Compassion Team in Fresno, CA back in 2010. She and her newborn litter of puppies were looking for a foster home when volunteer Lisa found out about them. So, Soosie and her 10 day old pups that Lisa named Brian, Cooper, Kira & Dani came home to be fostered until they were old enough to be adopted into their forever homes. That was the plan anyway.brian-1
Lisa and her husband fell head over heals in love with Brian and the rest of his family, and decided almost immediately to at least keep Mama Soosie. They already had a houseful of rescue dogs and cats, and Soosie would fit right in. Meanwhile, Brian began his campaign to win over his foster mom’s heart by staring intently into her eyes every time she picked him up, until the thought of giving him up was out of the question!brian-2
So, along with his fur mama Soosie, Brian became a permanent member of the family. In fact, when all was said and done, the whole family (except for Dani, who was adopted by a wonderful family) charmed their way into their foster parents’ hearts and all became part of the big rescue family! When a foster dog or cat is adopted by their foster parent, it is considered a “foster fail”; in this case, this was definitely an Epic Foster Fail! But all things happen for a reason, and Brian’s mom Lisa is convinced that it was meant to be.brian-4As they would later discover, Brian and his little family have had a number of serious health issues. When Brian was 3 years old, he became paralyzed in his hind legs and was diagnosed with IVDD (Intervertebral disc disease). Lisa took Brian out of town so he could get the surgery he needed, and after several months of physical therapy, he regained full use of his legs and has been a happy, healthy and active dog ever since!  But there is always the chance that this could happen again, so they enjoy every single day that they have with Brian, who just celebrated his 6th birthday.brian-3
Brian’s sister Kira was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, which requires monitoring by a specialist and will likely shorten her life, and mama Soosie has had a series of chronic issues with her eyes. Lisa is thankful that she and her husband have been able to given Brian and his little family all the care that they need. The epic foster fail has turned into the best thing that ever could’ve happened – for everyone!
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