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Dog Rescue Stories: Brooklyn and Her Forever Mom Chose Each Other

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Brooklyn and Alexandra Chose Each Other.

“In August of 2014, Brooklyn was found wondering the streets of New York.  She was picked up and after a few weeks and no one showing up to claim her, she ended up on the kill list. My Mom (Antonia) who at the time, was managing The Animal Haven-a no kill shelter in Connecticut, would search this list frequently for dogs to rescue. Brooklyn’s sweet nature poured through and caught my mom’s attention. She was saved and transferred to The Animal Haven within the week.

fullsizerenderA few months later, during Halloween weekend in 2014, I was on my way to Connecticut to visit my mom and planned on volunteering at The Animal Haven. I spent that cold rainy Saturday playing and walking as many dogs as I had time for and grew attached to a sweet Pit Bull named Titan. I had no intention of rescuing a dog but I would have adopted Titan, weighing in at just shy of 70 lbs, he was sweet with an endless store of energy. The unfortunate truth at the time was that I didn’t have enough space for Titan. The apartment I lived in being as small as it was wouldn’t have been fair to him, Titan needed a yard and someone strong enough to handle him on walks.img_4598

At closing time, I made a point to say goodbye to all of the dogs and I began to make my way down the row. I stopped at the third to last run and there was a small Pit Bull mix weighing in at about 45 lbs. All ears, sweet eyes looking up at me, not making a peep in a kennel of dogs who were all barking. The name tag read “Duchess,” which had been scratched out, and below in my mom’s handwriting “Brooklyn” was written. I regretted not making a point to spend time with the dog that my mother had raved about since she first arrived some months back. I opened her run slowly, kneeled down, offered the back of my hand, which she met with the crown of her head. She rested there for at least a minute. I knew that we had a connection she had picked me and I couldn’t walk away from her.fullsizerender-1

On November 14th, 2014, after completing the paperwork and necessary assessments, I was on my way back to The Animal Haven to pick Brooklyn up. We met outside in the gated yard, she ran over to me tail wagging, eyes lit up, bouncing around with excitement she knew she was going home, finally.img_4507

An old soul, with a dynamic personality, Brooklyn prefers naps to any physical exertion, she smiles regularly and I often feel that she’s more human than dog. A friend to everyone she meets, Brooklyn never runs out of sweet kisses and will always find a way to fit on any piece of furniture if it means snuggling up to you. My mom, who now works with Dogma in Atlanta, kept tabs on Titan and a short time later he was rescued by a great couple (both Veterans), who gave him a house and a big yard, which I hear he takes full advantage of.fullsizerender-5

I believe that we end up with the animals we are meant to have and after almost two years of city life, we have moved to a house. Brooklyn has her own big yard, a fellow rescue sister and a second mom who loves her a ton. I was the right human for Brooklyn, I feel lucky everyday that I found her, that she picked me and that I have the privilege of caring for her.”

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