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Dog Rescue Stories: Bubba Found His Best Friends

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Before Bubba came along, our household consisted of my two best friends, three cats, two chihuahuas, and me. Clearly, we are animal enthusiasts (both of my best friends work for Petsmart), but were had no intention to expand our pack, let alone with a big dog, even though we would always joke about wanting to keep every animal we came across.Bubba’s (formerly known as Mikey) story began at Miami-Dade Animal Services, our local animal shelter. Adopted as a pup, he was taken back soon after, once the family realized how big he’d grown. Sadly for him, any dog considered as an “owner surrender” aka an unwanted dog would go straight to death row. Poor Bubby was put in one of the last rooms of the west wing, all the way in the back where there was very little traffic from visitors. Chances for him to get adopted were slim. Usually, urgent dogs like Bubba are taken to different events by volunteers, so they can get more exposure. Unfortunately, he had gotten a bit sick and wasn’t allowed to go to any. Thankfully, he was able to get better just in time to attend an event at no other than, you guessed it, Petsmart! Yep, the exact place where my best friend works. At the exact time. Some might say…it’s destiny!
Being the crazy animal lovers that we are, we cyber stalk the animal shelters ‘urgent dogs’ page to gush about how cute they all are and dream about saving them all. We had seen “Mikey’s” post before ( We all agreed on how beautiful he was and how unfortunate it would be for him to not get adopted, but we were already in over our heads with pets.
As fate would have it, on November 19, 2016, Bubba arrived at Petsmart #1412. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was pretty early in the morning, around 7am, when I got the first group text…and then 20 more immediately after that! They all read something along the lines of “OMG, my dream dog” and “Please can we keep him!?” Followed by about 50 pictures and more “pleaseeee”s. My other best friend and I, still being half asleep, just blew it off as any other “dream dog” and jokingly replied with “wrong number” and “leave us alone,” not really paying much attention. Everything changed, however, when we went to pick her up from work that same afternoon and decided to get off to grab a couple of things for the little guys. I figured I would see what all this hoopla was about. I casually walked past his crate and when his big, green, eleven-month old eyes met mine, my heart practically melted.
Not to make matters any easier, the shelter volunteer asked if I’d like to take him out of the crate…and of course, I said yes! He was so sweet and gentle, I instantly fell in love. I was sold. Now, the challenge was convincing the last best friend (aka ‘head honcho’). Being the more responsible of the three, she was completely against getting any more pets. But like a five year old, I begged, pleaded and promised to feed him, walk him and love him forever. Somehow, I convinced her to just look at him and interact with him. She reluctantly agreed and once they met, the deal was sealed! How could you not fall in love with that face?! I didn’t believe it at first, but when she said yes, I didn’t hesitate. I literally did a happy dance and immediately started the paperwork. I had the manager walkie talkie my other best friend to come to the front so I could break the news that we were keeping him. She thought we were joking, but once she realized we were serious, she was just as ecstatic!
We are so grateful and fortunate to have been able to give him a second chance at happiness; to bring to his life the same amount of joy he brings to ours everyday.
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