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Dog Rescue Stories: Chloe Barkdashian Found Her Forever Home At 8 Years Old

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Chloe Featured

Eight year old Chloe and I met through Barks of Love Animal Rescue, which is actually the rescue I work with. I foster failed! She was adopted from a shelter when she was two years old and was in her first home for six years. Sadly, her previous mom was engaged to someone who was severely allergic to her and she needed to be re-homed. Her first  mom reached out to Barks of Love and I swear, it was fate! I was going through a lot personally and was in an apartment that was not dog friendly. I knew I wanted to move and foster to help the rescue and help myself.Chloe 1

It was about a week after I moved that we were contacted about Chloe. She fit all the size and breed restrictions at my new place and based on her description, seemed like the perfect dog to be my first foster and first dog in my new home. I told the rescue I would take her and the rest is history!Chloe 2

I went to pick her up and as soon as I walked in, she ran up to me and jumped up. Her previous mom was shocked and told me that immediately gave her a sense of comfort about the whole situation because she is usually very shy. Having had her for a while, I can attest to the fact she really doesn’t like new people and often hides in the other room or cowers behind me until she warms up. I pretty much knew by the time I got home that I wanted to adopt her.Chloe 3

Chloe has the best personality and is so well trained and behaved. She’s the biggest snuggle bug and so sweet. I got so lucky and she has really changed my life. A few weeks later, I signed the adoption papers and this little senior girl became mine. I truly am so obsessed with her.

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