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Dog Rescue Stories: Cindy Woofer Escaped Death Row

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Cindy Woofer Featured

Cindy Woofer, a ‘pithuahua’, was in her final week at Carson Shelter before being rescued by the now defunct, Paws Angeles. If this one-woman, one-apartment, dog-saving institution had not stepped in, happy and loving Cindy would have been euthanized.Cindy Woofer 2

Cindy’s forever dad had always wanted to adopt a Pit Bull, but unfortunately, his apartment building had a 25lb limit on pets. After complaining to his co-worker about this, she told him that she knew of the perfect dog for him – a Pit Bull/Chihuahua mix that her friend had just rescued from Carson Shelter.Cindy Woofer 3

Cindy had already been returned to the shelter by one family because they said she was a ‘biter’, but her dad knows they just didn’t give her enough time to get used to her new life. She snarled and snapped at him for the first couple weeks in her forever home, but after some love and patience, Cindy knew she was safe and loved, and no longer snapped.Cindy Woofer 4

Cindy has been with her forever dad for 15th months now and he can’t imagine life without her.Cindy Woofer 5

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