Pet Rescue Stories

Dog Rescue Stories: Despite Bean’s Previous Life, She is Sweet as Can Be!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor 

Kyle has three adopted dogs and volunteers at the Lincoln Animal Shelter and Woonsocket Animal Shelter in Rhode Island. She started helping in Lincoln over three years ago when they asked for help with yard work in their kennel. She thought it would be safe doing that and she would escape without bringing dog number three home. It didn’t work.

Within a month of working directly with the dogs she adopted Bean, as in Baldie Bean, who was formerly known as Kya. She came in seven months earlier as a stray.  She had tested negative for mange but was missing most of her fur and her skin and feet were so raw from being in a damp environment that she just wasn’t healing.  It wasn’t all smooth sailing but after some in home training, love and patience, she adapted to being a part of her new forever family.

Although her skin improved and her fur grew back in most spots, she still remained bald all down her back. After taking her to a specialist in canine dermatology, it was determined through skin biopsies that she actually was bald due to scar tissue from some type of burn.  She probably had gasoline or extremely hot water poured on her.  When the vet Kyle, they both cried.

Bean has been in her forever home for over three years, and despite her history, she is the sweetest pup! Kyle still volunteers every weekend at the shelters walking the dogs, keeping them social and torturing all her Facebook friends and family with posts of the pets in need of homes. Kyle has a stressful, full time job working with people and she considers her time at the shelter her therapy.

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