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Dog Rescue Stories: Drake Was Abandoned in a Box

Drake is a six year old, one of a kind pup! He is a Ridgeback/Terrier mix and maybe a few other things (his forever parents think he’s mostly human). He was rescued in Denton, TX where he and his brothers were found in a box on the side of the road, when they were just a couple of weeks old! Luckily, a woman noticed the box at a stop sign, pulled over and scooped them up!
Jessica, his forever mom, got word of the abandoned pups from a coworker and had to meet them. Once she met Drake, she knew there was no way she’d ever be able to let him go!Drake is now the single most spoiled dog in all of Dallas, his abandonment in a box never once thought of now, as he is truly living the dream!

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What day is it anyways?

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Hump dayyyyyyy! #babay 😎🙊

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