Pet Rescue Stories

Dog Rescue Stories: 11 Year Old Rudy Survived in the Woods Alone

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Yvette and Richard waited until one of them retired before considering bringing a dog into their home. News about an adoptable dog (now knows as Rudy) came from a neighbor who volunteered at a cat rescue called ‘Rude Ranch’, located in Harwood Maryland.Bob and Kathy Rude operate a very busy pet rescue, where they keep several personal cats and dogs, as well. While Bob was walking his dogs in a nearby park, several people mentioned they had seen a cute little Min-Pin mix wandering alone. Bob picked up the little stray and posted signs, asking if anyone knew him. Yvette and Richard were in luck when no one came forward to claim him. He got his shots, got neutered, and several weeks later, he got to go to his forever home.As soon as Yvette saw  Rudy, she knew that he was perfect. It was love at first sight! Richard originally wanted to adopt a larger dog, but after only spending a few minutes with little Rudy, he changed his mind. He agreed that Rudy was perfect for them.Rudy now rules the roost, and lets his parents live with him…as long as they feed him! During the first couple months in his forever home, Rudy would eat every acorn he found on his walks, and his parents think this must be how he survived on his own in the woods.Rudy has a huge heart and everyone who meets him falls in love with him! It’s been almost ten years since he met his forever parents, and it has been a daily joy for them to watch him grow older and wiser with them.Oh, and he does a very unusual transcendental meditation that his parents call his Tai Chi move. His parents will post video when his Instagram reaches 1,000 followers!

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