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Dog Rescue Stories: Enzo Filled the Holes in His Forever Parents’ Hearts

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Where to begin with this story? Last October I had to put my 13 year old pup down. He was my first dog ever, after constantly pestering my parents for one for most of my life. You can say I was pretty attached to him. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters so he was kind of like my sibling. I was devastated when it was time for him to go. I don’t think I cried in two years as much as I cried in that one day. I knew that we gave him the best life we could though and that eased some of the pain. He was also a rescue and a little bit of a handful. He was super skittish and wasn’t a fan of other dogs or strangers, but I wouldn’t have traded him for the world.My entire family was heartbroken, and therefore, did not want to get attached to another pup. So, there I was, with an empty hole in my heart and nothing to fill it with. Fast forward to this year in June when my boyfriend and I had bought a house. I knew this was my chance. Nobody could say no anymore. My boyfriend also had to put his childhood dog down 2 years prior, so we were kind of in the same boat. Now came the issue of what kind of dog we wanted to get. He wanted a big dog, I wanted smaller, he wanted a certain breed, I wanted another… and so we went on like this back and forth for a while.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley does this wonderful thing a couple of times a month called the “love train”. This is when they bring in dogs from all over the country from high kill shelters. So, we braved the crowd one Thursday morning and although there were plenty of adorable pups, we just couldn’t really settle on one. Fast forward two weeks later and Enzo enters the scene on another love train (from Tennessee, nonetheless!). I was standing in line for the puppy room while my boyfriend took a quick look around the shelter. He came back disappointed. Im a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and this definitely proves it. We walked into the puppy room and all the cages were empty… all but the corner one that contained 3 tiny little pups. Neither of us said a word when we saw him. We turned and looked at each other and said the gray one. It felt like one of those cheesy movie moments. He was the only one that came and licked my hand. It was like we chose each other. We got to spend a whole 5 minutes with him. The shelter employee came back and we told her we’ll take him. We were super excited. We went and put him on hold as we couldn’t take him home that day. We got a phone call later saying that we would have to wait a little longer as one of his litter mates tested positive for parvo, so he was under parvo watch.

Fast forward to the 10 grueling days we had to wait patiently. Thankfully, he tested negative and we finally took him home. He was a goofball the first day we brought him home, and 4 months later nothing has changed. He is such a smart and handsome little guy. He’s really well behaved, too. Extremely friendly with everyone he meets and don’t get me started on how much he loves kids. We don’t really know what breed he is, but I know that we weren’t looking for a pup like him. Now, we couldn’t imagine our life without him. He is definitely one spoiled puppy and we are extremely lucky that he’s in our lives. There is never a dull day with him around and don’t even get me started on how much he loves cuddling! 😅

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