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Dog Rescue Stories: Fallen Angels Pet Rescue Needs Help So They Can Continue Saving Lives

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Fallen Angels Pet Rescue was founded by Shireen Williams, Lillian Williams and Gayleen Basson. Fallen Angels was always an ideal. A sanctuary for dogs and cats that had no other option but being put to sleep…. Erased from existence.

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The sases we were seeing were invariable Forgotten / Abused/ Abandoned/ Lost/ Lonely/ Emaciated and Neglected. Which is the basis of the acronym FALLEN. Their sanctuary became a reality when one of their members, Gayleen Basson, sold her house to buy a piece of land where Fallen Angels could be established.

Fallen Angels started on the 13th of February 2014 with a bang… rescuing a thirteen year old boy named Snuggled. Having never seen a day of kindness in his life,He did not even understand the meaning of his name. He was emaciated, mange-ridden, scared and had suffered severe abuse. Snuggled’s previous humans had never given him any affection. So, even a soft stroke on his head frightened him terribly at first. The same day that Snuggled was rescued, a mommy and twelve pups were surrendered to Fallen Angels and all have found their forever homes.

Fallen Angels is a registered NPO focusing on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of domestic animals. They focus on the emotional rehabilitation and the emotional therapy animals provide. By restoring compassion in the poverty stricken communities they work in, they can help uplift these communities and improve the lives of all the animals living there. They work with other organizations to provide mass sterilizations in certain communities at no charge and take in dogs that desperately need medical care. The also try and educate as much as they can by speaking at local schools about caring for pets.

We desperately need help! Arnie has made it through the night, but is still on a drip and extremely weak. We do not have the funds to pay for his care. With a vet bill already very high and our lovely vets doing all they can. We really need some angels to help us continue what we do! No donation is too small! Please DM us if you’re able to donate! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ #dog #shelter #rescue #rescueshelter #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #pitbull #pittie #pibble #amstaff #bully #capetown #southafrica #love #forgotten #abandoned #lost #lonely #neglected #dogs #instadog #instadaily #doggie #pitbullgram #gorgeous #follow #sbt #staffy #staffordshirebullterrier #bullterrier

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Currently, the sanctuary has over 300 dogs in their care. Some amazing vets have helped out, but if Fallen Angels doesn’t receive enough funds, they can no longer help. The vets see over 150 cases per month and they spay and neuter over 50 animals a month.

Fallen Angels fur babies need them to succeed. They have no where to go if the rescue can’t continue the amazing work they do.

Donate to Fallen Angels, so they can continue their amazing work. Follow Fallen Angels on Facebook (Fallen Angels ZA) and on Instagram @fallen_angels_sa and @fa_greenmile

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