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Dog Rescue Stories: 15 year old Seven Just Celebrated Her 14th Gotcha Day!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Seven Featured

In November of 2002, Seven’s forever mom went to a Petsmart in Oviedo, FL with a friend, so she could buy gerbil food. When they arrived, she discovered that Pet Rescue by Judy was having an adoption event. Seven (originally named Sweetie) was dressed in a little, red “Adopt Me” smock and sitting patiently in a crate. Seven’s mom went straight for her and knew they were meant to be when they locked eyes!Seven 2
 Seven has been in her forever home ever since and celebrated her fourteenth ‘Gotcha Day’ (which her mom has always called ‘Seveniversary’) this past November. Seven recently turned fifteen years old and has been spoiled for the entirety of her birthday month. Here’s to fifteen more years of being safe, happy, and loved!Seven 1
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Went for a birthday month puppuccino! It was delicious! . ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ I’d like to do some challenges if you don’t mind! Tagging some peeps but do what you want! . First up, #3thingsilove from @winniethe.lab and @phoebe__lab and #my4favoritethings from Winnie. . 1️⃣ Food 2️⃣ Food 3️⃣ My parents 4️⃣ Car rides In that order too ????. . Next, #10factsaboutme from @super_newfy and #funfacts from @otismeetsworld! 1️⃣ Bread is my favorite thing ever. 2️⃣ I don’t cuddle. Unless I’m cold or don’t feel well. 3️⃣ I have successfully stolen 1 1/2 cheeseburgers. 4️⃣ I don’t like sticks, or tennis balls, or the water. I should be kicked out of the lab club. 5️⃣I eat so much I basically qualify as a hobbit. I eat a breakfast snack, pre-lunch snack, lunch, post-lunch snack, dinner, post-dinner snack, and a bed time snack. It’s still never enough. 6️⃣ I have the best friends on Instagram a girl could ever ask for!! 7️⃣ Seven is the best number ever. 8️⃣ I love clothes and accessories! I get especially excited when I see a certain unicorn outfit ????. 9️⃣ Don’t touch my feet! ???? When I’m really excited about food I do a little jump! . . I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’d like to wish a belated happy birthday to @maisysweetgolden and @melgirrl12!!

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I got the best birthday surprise from @otismeetsworld in the mail yesterday! His wonderful mama made me a unicorn horn and a unicorn/candy hearts reversible bandana! This unicorn horn is perfect for being a unicorn in the summer ????! And my bandana will help everyone see my unicorn spirit even when UnicornSeven isn’t present ????! Thank you so much Otis and mama Nicole! I love you both so much! . . Did you notice that my horn is red and blue? That just screams #preppingforPAWTUS to me! What do you guys think? Are magical UnicornSevens part of the #onedoggyworld? I think so! Can’t wait to celebrate the indoguration with @brodifur, @dustylynnthelab, @ellietheaussieshepard, and @jaggerthegreat1!! . . Don’t even get me started on the challenges we have on our list. First up #showyournose from @colo_diva! Next #boopmynose from @super_newfy, @otismeetsworld, and @saltytherescuepup. And finally #mysweetface from CoLo, @friknfraknmack, and Otis! Thanks for the tags! . . Happy Wednesday everyone!

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#thisisthefaceimake when I’m trying to do #turnovertuesday cause I’ve been slacking and I’m thinking #getthatcameraoutofmyface because there shouldn’t be photographic proof of my immodesty. It’s such a conflicting day. Thank you to @saltytherescuepup for the first tag and @winniethe.lab for the third. @jaggerthegreat1 creator of the second, I hope I made you proud! . . My friend @aussiebellaboo let me know yesterday about #pawsforjolie a hashtag to support a little human named Jolie in her fight against leukemia. You can do it Jolie! You have a bunch of pups in your corner! . . Speaking of @aussiebellaboo, her mama opened a new Etsy shop called @thepinkpuppyshop. She has totally amazingly adorable stuff for pups and their people! She’s even doing a contest to kick it off cause she’s that cool. Go check out her page for more details. . . I’m ridiculously behind on challenges. This doesn’t even put a dent in momager’s list. I can’t help it if I spent a solid week partying. I had to. . . Happy Tuesday friends!

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Serious beach selfie

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