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Dog Rescue Stories: Frankie Rescued His Forever Family

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Frankie Featured

Frankie’s story actually starts out with the loss of my beloved dog of almost eighteen years, ‘B.A’. Yes, his initials stood for ‘Bad A**’, and he was one! He meant the world to me, and the sun rose and set with him every day. After he passed away in my arms, there was a great void in my life. I became lost. I missed seeing his head on my pillow, or his beautiful eyes looking back at me. I even told my husband that we should sell our house, as it was too big for the both of us. The thought of replacing him felt like a betrayal, like I was being selfish.Frankie 3Then, I remembered hearing that “the best way to honor your dog’s memory is to rescue or adopt another.” So I decided to do just that. I searched adoptable dogs for hours every night until my eyes burned, and then I came across Carolina Russell Rescue Inc. There he was – Frankie! After looking into his eyes, I knew we were meant to be family. I emailed the rescue once, possibly twice, without even thinking to also fill out paperwork. Then, my boss made me sit with her and made sure I filled out the paperwork — she knew I was meant to be his forever mom, as well. A few days passed, and Bernadette from Russell Rescue emailed to let me know that Frankie was with a foster family. The last two potential adopters that went to meet him decided not to take him home, as clearly, they did not deserve him! There was very little background on Frankie – his history was on one piece of paper from his vet. Still, I went through all the necessary procedures to adopt him.Frankie 1
We went to visit Frankie and his foster family.  I knelt down when I met him, and he gave me a kiss. I was awakened, like Snow White out of a deep sleep. I fell in love instantly. I picked Frankie up and did not put him down! Needless to say, he found his forever home that day.Frankie 2
I talk to Bernadette from Russell Rescue often. I have never met anyone so committed to making sure all the dogs she comes across get forever homes and the help they need. I am thankful to her for saving Frankie. Not only do we love him dearly, but I’m sure he has made his way into the hearts of everyone he meets. He has huge pieces of our hearts, and is building his history with us (he even has his own file box!).
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