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Dog Rescue Stories: Ginger Was A Foster Failure!

Ginger Featured

In the summer of 2013,  Izzy’s family decided to apply to foster adults dogs and/or puppies through the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA. They had fostered two puppies the year before and had enjoyed the experience. In the beginning of July, they got an email from the foster coordinator letting them know that there was a 5 week old pit bull mix puppy that needed a foster until she was 8 weeks old and could be spayed and put up for adoption. Izzy and her family agreed, and little Ginger entered their lives.

Ginger Puppy

They found out that Ginger had come in with her brother, and both were dangerously ill with parvo, a deadly disease (especially in puppies). Ginger and her brother had been confiscated from a man who was breeding his dogs to sell the puppies, but then left the puppies in the front yard to die when he realized they were all sick. When the San Diego Humane Society arrived at the man’s house, only Ginger and her brother were still alive. Unfortunately, Ginger’s brother passed away once arriving at the San Diego Humane Society, but Ginger miraculously made it through.

Ginger Human

Ginger was a healthy, happy puppy when Izzy and her family began fostering her! And she was such a good puppy! She would play on her own in her pen, would rarely cry if they had to leave her alone for a bit, and was very good when she roamed the house with their dog, Ruby. They fell in love the instant Ginger entered their lives. When it came time to bring her back to the San Diego Humane Society to be spayed and put up for adoption, they were devastated. The next day, they emailed the foster coordinator saying that they were interested in adopting Ginger, but they just needed a couple of days to decide. Izzy and her family went on vacation for about a week and during their trip, they decided that upon their return, they would give Ginger her forever home! Three years later, adopting Ginger was the best decision they’ve ever made. She makes her forever family laugh with her silly antics and they can’t imagine life without her. She’s been a great advocate for the pit bull breed, and her family can’t believe how much love she has to give.  Ginger truly made a difference in their lives, and for that, they are grateful for their blockheaded, tail whacking, french-kissing, cuddle addict pit bull!!

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