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Dog Rescue Stories: Gobi Has Fostered Three Rescued Pups

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor 

Gobi was adopted in December 2013 from the MSPCA Angell. Sabina had never had a dog before but always wanted one. Her mom and sister were scared of dogs, so it was out of the question when she was living at home. Fast forward to living with her sweet husband and watching that devastating commercial with Sarah McLachlan singing while sad dogs and cats were begging to be taken home. Luckily for Gobi’s forever parents, the MSPCA was a block away and they found Gobi just before Christmas.

He had a broken leg that didn’t heal correctly, so some people weren’t interested, but they wouldn’t let his “sexy leg” stop them! He has now fostered three pups who have found their forever homes and they are about to rescue a dog on hospice care. Gobi is such a caring, generous spirit, so his parents know that he will do well with her. He’s also very sweet with his baby brother!

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