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Dog Rescue Stories: Gorgeous Maisie is Looking for Her Forever Home!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Maisie Featured

Just over a year ago, Jessica saw a picture on Facebook of a skin and bones dog with her two puppies. They were dropped in a field and left to fend for themselves, and no one knows how long they were out there for. The puppies were quickly given away to neighborhood teens before they could be rescued, and the mama dog was going to be sent to a kill shelter. When Jessica looked at the picture on her screen and into the mama dog’s eyes, she felt compelled to help her. Jessica texted Shannon, the head of Sleepy’s Dream Pit Bull Rescue, and told her that she would foster the dog, but they just needed to get her.IMG_7623

It only took two days until one of the volunteers from Sleepy’s Dream Rescue pulled into Jessica’s driveway, and out of the car came a terrified, little Pit Bull.  She was covered in ticks and sores, missing more than half her hair, her spine and ribs were poking through her skin, she was filled with milk, and most of all, she was missing her puppies. This dog didn’t know Jessica, but she let her new foster mom bathe her, clean her ears, and remove her ticks. She just stood there, terrified, but she knew she was getting the help she needed. Then, Jessica stayed with her new foster dog for hours while she slept.  Jessica’s not sure if she felt safe or comfortable, but after all she’d been through, she was exhausted. While watching her sleep, Jessica named her foster dog and wondered if anyone cared enough about her to name her before.  She now goes by ‘Maisie’.IMG_7546

During the past year, Maisie has overcome so many obstacles. Her sores healed, she gained her weight back, her hair grew back, and she recovered from parasites – but that was only the exterior. She didn’t know how to play or what to do with toys and bones. She’s never been with a human who cared enough to engage with her. Jessica sat with Maisie and held antlers for her until she figured out what to do with them…and now she loves to chew them! Jessica sat with her and threw around toys until she figured out what to do…and now she loves to grab them and tear them up! Maisie has gone to training classes and blossomed around new people and new doggie friends.  She is quite popular at Sniffer’s Doggie Retreat and she has shown everyone she meets that she is one of the smartest and sweetest girls around — something that her foster mom already knew!IMG_7065

At this time, Maisie needs to be the only pet in the home. Maisie will be working hard on some dog-dog training these next few weeks and months to see if she can possibly be in a home with another dog, but in the case that she has to be an only child, this does not mean that she is any less magical. She is sweet, cuddly, sensitive, and easy to be with. She just needs a walk or two a day, a full belly and a lot of love.

Maisie is happy.  Maisie is healthy.  Maisie is loved.  But Maisie still needs to find her person..her FOREVER person.  Perhaps that’s you???

Apply for Maisie at or email if interested in adopting Maisie.

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We were challenged to complete #FiveFacts (Foster Mom’s going to write because that’s how I roll). So here we go… ???? I have a million nicknames but most people call me “The Moo” ???? I was dumped on a farm with my two babies and before I went to a kill shelter Foster Mom & Sleepy’s Dream Rescue scooped me up ???? ???? My favorite stuffy is called Bunny and I take her with me all over the house ???? I refuse to go potty when the grass is wet (I’m a lady… helloooooo) ???? I think squirrels are the best form of cardio We’d also like to learn more about our friends @theadventuresofmokiandmommy @mr.rumbold @penny.the.pitbull @olivesoprah @nikkis_regal_royals #pitbullsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #foster #adopt #rescue #dontbullymybreed

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Goodnight, from Bunny & Me ???? #pitbullsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #foster #rescue #adopt #dontbullymybreed

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It’s the perfect day, guys ???? @pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #foster #rescue #adopt #dontbullymybreed

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