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Dog Rescue Stories: Gunner, Toby and Scout Are the Perfect Rescued Trio!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Meet Toby, Gunner, and Scout!

Toby is a two year old Jack Russell terrier mix from A Paw and a Prayer Dog Rescue in Chattanooga. Toby’s forever parents, Brittany and Lucas, adopted him on October 10th, 2015, a month after they’d lost their twelve year old Dachshund mix. He helped heal his new forever humans’ broken hearts. He is the happiest dog in the world and never has a bad day!

Gunner is a four year old Schnauzer/Terrier mix, adopted on June 1st, 2013 from Troopers Treasures in Chattanooga. Gunner is the sweetest, most loving dog Brittany has ever met. He would rather cuddle than do anything else in the world! He loves with his whole heart!Scout is a one year old Golden Retriever and was adopted on April 11th, 2017 from an Animal Control Center in Middle Tennessee. His previous humans didn’t want him, so his forever parents lucked out when they got to adopt him for just $10! Brittany is a Special Education middle school teacher. She’d been researching the power of therapy dogs in relation to students with disabilities and was on the search for an adoptable dog (about a year old, a lab or golden) that she could take through training and therapy certification. She came home on a Friday night after a long week at school and just happened to pull up to search for Golden Retrievers. Scout had just been listed, and she immediately called and left a message, including a brief description of why she was interested specifically in him.
The wonderful folks at the animal control center called her back early the next morning and said they’d had dozens of calls, but they would hold him for her if she could get there by 12pm! Of course, Brittany immediately jumped in her car and drove down – bringing her mom along for the ride. There were people there waiting for her arrival to see if she if she would decline the adoption so that they could take him. It took her about two minutes to know he was the perfect addition to their fur family and a great dog to start training with! It took .5 seconds to convince her husband, Lucas that he’d make a great third dog! Scout and Brittany recently completed their first six week beginner course and are continuing their training in the intermediate course!

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