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Dog Rescue Stories: Henry the Tripawd Finally Got the Love and Care He Deserved!

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After losing their dog, Zeke, in December of 2014, Jeremy and his family decided that it was time to look for a new four legged furbaby.  They were still mourning the loss of Zeke, but felt that it was time to heal and offer their love and home to a new dog. They wanted to adopt a shelter dog, as all of their previous dogs were rescues.  Jeremy and his family were specifically looking for a female dog, around 20 to 30 lbs., who was not too high strung.

The family began their search on Valentine’s Day of 2015 at a PetSmart in Tulsa, OK.  There were several rescue groups there that day with dogs looking for their forever homes.  After looking around for a bit, one dog caught the family’s attention, but he was a male, close to 50 lbs., and a breed that they were not particularly interested in.  He was absolutely adorable, but not exactly what Jeremy and his family had their hearts set on.  They left PetSmart without a new four-legged family member.Henry Tripawd 1

When they got home, Jeremy and his family could NOT stop thinking about the rescue pup that caught their attention.  He was a special dog that had gone through some tough times – the dog had recently gone through a leg amputation due to previous abuse. Jeremy felt that his family could give him the love and care that he deserved.   So, the next day, the family filled out an application, they were approved, and Henry the tripawd moved in to his forever home on February 21, 2015!    Zoi’s Animal Rescue in Claremore, OK saved Henry, and Henry’s forever family thinks so much of Zoi’s, that they volunteer at the rescue on a regular basis.

Henry is happy and loved in his forever home, and helps his family spread the words “Adopt, Don’t Shop!” to people looking for a new pet.Henry Tripawd 4

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